lunes, marzo 29, 2010

Los Mejores Discos De La Historia (Lista 2: 100 Opiniones Subjetivas)

No calificarán para todos como “obras maestras”.
Algunos tampoco están universalmente considerados como grandes discos.
Hay varios que ni siquiera están vistos como buenos.
Y muchos creerán que ciertos títulos son basura absoluta.
Pero me encantan, y creo que son de lo mejor que se ha editado en la historia.

1. Flowers In The Dirt, Paul McCartney
2. An Innocent Man, Billy Joel
3. Traveling Wilburys, Vol I
4. Invisible Touch, Genesis
5. Flaming Pie, Paul McCartney
6. Mercury Falling, Sting
7. On Every Street, Dire Straits
8. Venus And Mars, Wings
9. But Seriously, Phil Collins
10. Red Rose Speedway, Paul McCartney And Wings
11. Fore, Huey Lewis & The News
12. We Can’t Dance, Genesis
13. Chaos And Creation In The Backyard, Paul McCartney
14. Sailing To Philadelphia, Mark Knopfler
15. London Town, Wings
16. Sports, Huey Lewis & The News
17. Unplugged… And Seated, Rod Stewart
18. Off The Ground, Paul McCartney
19. Famous Last Words, Supertramp
20. Toto IV, Toto
21. Cloud 9, George Harrison
22. Spike, Elvis Costello
23. A Spanner In The Works, Rod Stewart
24. Together Alone, Crowded House
25. Madman Across The Water, Elton John
26. Open The Door, Roger Hodgson
27. Vagabond Heart, Rod Stewart
28. Genesis, Genesis
29. Glass Houses, Billy Joel
30. Mighty Like A Rose, Elvis Costello
31. Every Beat Of My Heart, Rod Stewart
32. Discovery, E.L.O.
33. Tambu, Toto
34. River Of Dreams, Billy Joel
35. Even in the Quietest Moments, Supertramp
36. Woodface, Crowded House
37. Out Of Order, Rod Stewart
38. Brutal Youth, Elvis Costello
39. Shangri-La, Mark Knopfler
40. Press, Paul McCartney
41. Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player, Elton John
42. Living In The Material World, George Harrison
43. Piano Man, Billy Joel
44. Journeyman, Eric Clapton
45. Us, Peter Gabriel
46. All This Useless Beauty, Elvis Costello
47. Duke, Genesis
48. Face Value, Phil Collins
49. Armchair Theatre, Jeff Lynne
50. Crime of the Century, Supertramp
51. Storm Front, Billy Joel
52. …Nothing Like The Sun, Sting
53. Ringo, Ringo Starr
54. Making Movies, Dire Straits
55. Avalon, Roxy Music
56. Painted From Memory, Elvis Costello
57. A Night In The Town, Rod Stewart
58. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles, Sting
59. Beautiful Dreams, Chris De Burgh
60. As Time Goes By, Bryan Ferry
61. Atlantic Crossing, Rod Stewart
62. Brand New Day, Sting
63. Hello, I Must Be Going!, Phil Collins
64. Back To The Future Original Soundtrack, Various Artists
65. Mistery Girl, Roy Orbison
66. Reckless, Bryan Adams
67. The Seventh One, Toto
68. No Jacket Required, Phil Collins
69. Grown Backwards, David Byrne
70. When I Was Cruel, Elvis Costello
71. Get Lucky, Mark Knopfler
72. Brainwashed, George Harrison
73. Good Old Boys, Randy Newman
74. Mike + The Mechanics, Mike & The Mechanics
75. Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan
76. Ghost in the Machine, The Police
77. Born in the U.S.A., Bruce Springsteen
78. Love and Theft, Bob Dylan
79. American III, Johnny Cash
80. Dangerous, Michael Jackson
81. Full Moon Fever, Tom Petty
82. Traveling Wilburys, Vol III
83. Word Of Mouth, Mike & The Mechanics
84. Please, Pet Shop Boys
85. Actually, Pet Shop Boys
86. The Works, Queen
87. American IV, Johnny Cash
88. Turnstiles, Billy Joel
89. In The Eye Of The Storm, Roger Hodgson
90. Waking Up The Neighbours, Bryan Adams
91. The Unforgettable Fire, U2
92. The Game, Queen
93. Mind Games, John Lennon
94. Outlandos D’Amour, The Police
95. Crisis What Crisis, Supertramp
96. War, U2
97. Bad, Michael Jackson
98. Slowhand, Eric Clapton
99. Introspective, Pet Shop Boys
100. Little Creatures, Talking Heads

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