lunes, junio 18, 2012

Paul: 70 Años, 70 Canciones

Hoy cumple 70 años el músico vivo más importante de la historia de la música. Esta es una recorrida arbitraria, en órden cronológico, de 70 canciones de su carrera solista. 

Maybe I'm Amazed
Every Night
Another Day
Too Many People
Heart Of The Country
The Back Seat Of My Car
Some People Never Know
Live And Let Die
Band On The Run
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
My Love
Little Lamb Dragonfly
Venus And Mars - Rock Show
Listen To What The Man Said
You Gave Me The Answer
Treat Her Gently. Lonely Old People
Silly Love Songs
She's My Baby
Let 'Em In
Beware My Love
Warm and Beautiful
London Town
With A Little Luck
I'm Carrying
Mull Of Kintyre
Daytime Nighttime Suffering
Getting Closer
After The Ball
Winter Rose
Baby's Request
Tug of War
Here Today
Pipes Of Peace
The Other Me
Through Our Love
No More Lonely Nights
Only Love Remains
Same Love
Once Upon A Long Ago
My Brave Face
Figure Of Eight
This One
Loveliest Thing
Mistress And Maid
The Lovers That Never Were
I Owe It All To You
C'Mon People
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Beautiful Night
I Do
Your Loving Flame
Fine Line
Jenny Wren
English Tea
Too Much Rain
Follow Me
You Tell Me
Only Mama Knows
End Of The End
(I Want To) Come Home

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Unknown dijo...

Este es el mejor blog que lei en mi vida !!!

El Capo dijo...
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El Capo dijo...

Ese es el mejor blog del mundo ...!!!

Mer Antoinette dijo...

Mis temas
Maybe I'm Amazed
Jenny Wren
This One
My Love

Lindo gancho entre los 70 años y 70 canciones. Pensar que uno se queda corto, no?